Can I invest my IRA?

Yes. Investors may invest on behalf of a Trust, IRA or entity. Once registered, instructions are provided. Also, investors may opt to transfer IRA money into a new self-directed IRA.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Investment amounts?

Minimum investment is $25,000. Maximum investment is 9.99% of the amount raised, which equates to $2,641,960 if the minimum amount is raised.

What is the expected size of the bank?

Banks are often able to achieve an overall asset size of about 8X the amount of capital raised. While that is a goal, there is no assurance our bank will be able to achieve that size.

What are the bank’s long term plans?

To de-commoditize banking with consulting services, to measure our success in terms of how many jobs we help Small Business create, to grow organically and become a premiere, publicly-traded regional provider in the markets we serve.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please provide your information on the "Contact Us" form.

How do I learn more about investing?

Click here to view our Investor Presentation

Click here to view our Investor Video

Click here to register to view our Private Offering Circular

How is Integro Bank different than other banks?

We have three key differentiators, please see the Investor Video and Investor presentation for more details.


Does your Bank provide the following services to help grow your business?

Competitive Market Data to see how your business performs compared with business peers?

We provide complimentary Peer Data showing a unique 360 degree view of how similar businesses perform in your geographic area, to help you evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and map out your growth plan.

Your company Business Valuation?

We provide a complimentary Business Valuation specific to clients along with consulting advice on the levers they can pull to outperform peers, increase their valuation and grow their business!

Integro360 business consulting services to help you maximize employment and business value creation?

We offer a unique “Integro360” approach, specifically designed to help your business grow, maximize employment and value creation.

Solutions and tools exclusively designed and built to help your business grow and thrive?

Yes, furthermore, we measure our own success, based on how well we do in maximizing growth, employment and value creation with the Small Business we support.