Our story begins with a childhood dream to become the first in the family to graduate from college. Thomas Inserra, Integro Bank's Founder, Chairman and CEO, was determined to fulfill these dreams, even at a young age.


Despite the financial challenges Thomas faced, he was able to start at a young age to take charge of his own destiny, help others and be the first to obtain a college degree in his family.

At age 9, he delivered newspapers at 4:30am before school with his compensation derived from gratuities from customers.  

He opened a bank account to save penny, nickel, dime and quarter tips to fund the beginning of his Purdue University education. However, he faced the prospect of dropping out when he ran out of money after the first semester.  “Go get a job” his mother said, so not having a car, Thomas walked to the first office building off campus. An impromptu meeting with a small business owner, who happened to be an ex-banker, led to a full-time job, allowing him to remain in school and eventually realize his dream of graduating from college. The newspaper route taught the importance of planning, saving for the future and the rewards of good customer service. That small business employer near Purdue provided services to local banks, providing Thomas with an introduction to banking. 



Soon after graduating, Citibank – then the world’s largest bank – hired Thomas for a key management role, launching his career in banking at a young age.

Those two small business experiences transformed Thomas’s life by seeding his growth journey with a college education, a career in banking, strong core values and a lifetime commitment to learning.   


Thomas held subsequent roles in Phoenix AZ and Washington DC at the FDIC during a major economic crisis helping to manage 747 distressed banks with $402 billion in assets. This experience allowed Thomas to witness the incredible negative consequences that can occur during cyclical economic down cycles that are bound to occur, when some businesses and banks are inadequately prepared to weather challenging times. This led to the realization of the importance of long-term planning, good governance, risk management, revenue diversification, measuring performance with metrics and studying best practices – to improve the sustainability of businesses and banks.


After helping to successfully turn-around a Southern California small business bank, Thomas returned home to Arizona and was quite dismayed to witness the harsh negative effects that COVID had on small business. Upon learning that Arizona ranked near last in the nation in PPP support of small business, and remembering the tremendously positive impact that small business employment had in transforming his own life, he felt a calling to do his part to help small business at a time when they most needed help.


Thomas shared his observations with other leaders - that banks were offering standardized products rather than rolling up their sleeves and providing customized consulting solutions like INTEGRO360sm - which is the solution that Small Business really needs to maximize growth.  Soon, a Board and Executive team devoted exclusively to helping small business was formed.

What are your Small Business dreams and aspirations and how can we help?


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INTEGRO360sm is our primary differentiator. No other bank has this. It is designed with one thing in mind: how to be most impactful  to help Small Business grow, increase employment 
and prosper.
8 Steps to collaboratively grow Small Business and transform lives
  1. Learn about the Small Business Customers' challenges, needs,
    and business goals. 

  2. Review information to confirm each company’s unique needs.

  3. Evaluate company performance compared with peer benchmarking data.

  4. Sign up to receive a free business valuation.

  5. Engage collaboratively with Business Owners to grow their company.

  6. Share our consulting expertise to help businesses rise to the top. 

  7. Impact companies by focusing on cash flow and business value creation.

  8. Transform lives by helping Small Business grow & maximize employment.