The SBA has unveiled its newly finalized plan to streamline eligibility determination for SBA-backed loans while also implementing a new fraud review on all loans. By bringing eligibility determination in-house through new technology, the SBA will reduce the burden on SBA lenders and streamline operations, which will free up more lenders to focus on their customers and expand their capacity to increase lending.


The SBA's advanced data analytics, third-party data checks, and artificial intelligence tools will be utilized for fraud review on all loans in the 7(a) and 504 Loan Programs before approval. These changes will take effect starting August 1, 2023. These improvements are part of the ongoing modernization of SBA's loan programs that aim to ensure more borrowers can get funded through a broader network of lenders, which will help build a stronger American economy that innovates, manufactures, and provides the products and services that make our lives better.


Last week the Small Business Administration (SBA) has recently announced several developments and improvements to its loan program, which aim to enhance access to capital for small businesses across the country. As part of this modernization effort, the SBA has released new guidelines and procedures that will make it easier for lenders to issue SBA loans and reduce the burden on small business owners seeking financing. One of the key changes is the publication of simplified guidelines for lenders on how to issue SBA loans, which are now part of a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Under the updated rules, SBA lenders can use their existing credit policies for non-SBA loans of similar size, up to $500,000. This change will expand the pool of creditworthy business owners who can avail SBA loans, particularly small-dollar loans. In addition, the SBA has issued a Procedural Notice that eliminates the requirement for a Loan Authorization, a set of forms that has become duplicative and unnecessary for lenders.


This new procedure will cut red tape and simplify the loan application process for small business owners. The SBA has also released an Informational Notice that clarifies affiliation standards to ease the burden on small business owners and lenders and make clear who qualifies for an SBA loan. These details will make it easier for small businesses to access financing and for lenders to process loan applications. The SBA has also announced plans to accept new lender applications in the Small Business Lending Company (SBLC) program. This will allow the existing program to provide loans to an expanded number of small businesses.


The SBA will accept applications beginning June 1 until July 31 and will name up to three new SBLCs. The agency plans to post additional updates in the coming days, including simplified lender guidelines on participation, servicing, and liquidation. These changes aim to make it easier for small businesses to access the capital they need to grow and thrive and to streamline the loan application process for both small business owners and lenders.


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