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Mr. Inserra has 35+ years of banking, regulatory and fintech experience, including prior leadership roles at: Citibank, FDIC, Pacific Mercantile Bank, Susquehanna Bank/BB&T and HFC. Prior to launching Integro Bank in June 2022, he led 4 fintech business start-ups. While based in Singapore with Accenture, he served as a Director of eCommerce at a global technology business launch center guiding the development of new bank technology and fintech start-ups. He is a graduate of the Wharton University of Pennsylvania/ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking, has a BS Degree in Leadership from Purdue University’s School of Technology and an MBA degree from the University of Phoenix.

Thomas previously held roles in Phoenix and Washington DC at the FDIC during a major economic crisis helping to manage 747 distressed banks with $402 billion in assets. This experience allowed Thomas to witness the negative consequences that can occur during cyclical economic down cycles that are bound to occur, when some businesses and banks are inadequately prepared to weather challenging times.

This led to the realization of the importance of long-term planning, good governance, risk management, revenue diversification, measuring performance with metrics and studying best practices – to improve the sustainability of businesses and banks.

Thomas Inserra

After helping to successfully turn-around a Southern California small business bank, Thomas returned home to Arizona and was quite dismayed to witness the harsh negative effects that COVID had on small business. Upon learning that Arizona ranked near last in the nation in PPP support of small business and remembering the tremendously positive impact that small business employment had in transforming his own life, he felt a calling to do his part to help small business at a time when they most needed help.

Thomas shared his observations with other leaders - that banks were offering standardized products rather than rolling up their sleeves and providing customized consulting solutions like INTEGRO360SM - which is the solution that Small Business really needs to maximize growth. Soon, a Board and Executive team devoted exclusively to helping small business was formed.

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