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INTEGRO360SM is our primary differentiator. No other bank has this. It is designed with one thing in mind: how to be most impactful to help Small Business grow, increase employment and prosper.

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Eight Steps to Collaboratively Grow Small Business and Transform Lives

  1. Learn about the Small Business Customers' challenges, needs, and business goals.
  2. Review information to confirm each company's unique needs.
  3. Evaluate company performance compared with peer benchmarking data.
  4. Sign up to receive a free business valuation.
  5. Engage collaboratively with Business Owners to grow their company.
  6. Share our consulting expertise to help businesses rise to the top.
  7. Impact companies by focusing on cash flow and business value creation.
  8. Transform lives by helping Small Business grow & maximize employment.

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INTEGRO360SM is our primary differentiator. It is designed with one thing in mind: How to be most impactful to help small businesses grow, increase employment, and prosper.

The process begins when a business owner introduces their company to Integro Bank, where they are provided with peer-related data that gives them competitive insights on how they stack up with similar businesses.

As the relationship between a company and Integro grows, the INTEGRO360SM process allows for a more tailored analysis of the company's financials and a valuation estimate.

Through continued communication, INTEGRO360SM can help businesses set goals for their future with scenario analysis and forecasting.

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Peer Analysis

The first part of the INTEGRO360SM process brings a prospective bank client to Integro Bank's website where they provide their information, allowing the bank to provide meaningful peer data.

Through an automated process, INTEGRO360SM utilizes the information provided by the prospective client and pulls key financial data from companies that match the client's industry and size.

Integro Bank will provide the prospective client consultation with powerful information in relation to their peer financials, as well as a valuation, and financial statements on sample companies based on their industry and revenue size.

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Company Tailored Analysis

As the relationship between Integro and a client progresses, the insights and analysis INTEGRO360SM is able to provide also grows.

When a prospective client provides Integro Bank financial details and company-related information, the INTEGRO360SM process uses the data to produce company-tailored analysis for the client.

The INTEGRO360SM analysis provides a valuation estimate for the client's company using a discounted cash flow valuation, as well as feedback and scoring on how the client stacks up to others within their industry through key metrics.

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Insights and Updates

The true power of the INTEGRO360SM process is held within establishing and growing a client's relationship with Integro Bank.

Through the INTEGRO360SM process, there is collaboration and discussion between the client and Integro. This allows the bank to have an in-depth understanding of the client, company, and their plans for the future, where Integro Bank provides budgeting, forecasts, and real-time insights with numerous scenarios for the client, based on what they want to achieve.

In addition to benefiting clients, the 360 process allows Integro Bank to have a well-rounded understanding of its clients through insights into potential credit needs, performance, and health. This also includes an evaluation of the digital solutions needed to help clients leverage our optimal treasury management solutions.

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*Disclosure: Please be advised that the report generated by the Integro360 tool and the valuation metrics contained therein are based on the limited information gathered by the tool, which information is subject to high-level industry peer analysis. Integro Bank does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that such valuation metrics reflect the true market value of your company (which could be higher or lower), nor a value on which an independent third party would undertake a funding, acquisition, or other transaction with your company. Integro Bank is not accredited or certified by the American Society of Appraisers, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, or American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Integro360 report does not qualify as a formal business valuation prepared by companies and individuals so accredited and certified. The report is to be used solely for your company’s internal business purposes and is not authorized for distribution to, or use with, any third parties. By accepting this report, you acknowledge and agree that Integro Bank will have no liability or obligation of any kind arising out of or relating to your use of the information contained herein.

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