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A Focus on Wellness: Hacking and Optimizing the Brain of CEOs and Business Owners to Achieve Top Performance.

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Event Topic:
The CEO/ Entrepreneur brain often fires at a faster rate of speed and for longer periods of time than most people. As a result, it increases the stress on the body and mindset. This leads to a brain that can’t shut off at night causing adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, lack of presence with the family, and much more. You can retrain the brain and regulate how it fires. This talk will give you the tools and go through the exercises to learn how to do just that.

About the Speaker:
Al has spent the last 25 years sharing wisdom with people while watching them profoundly change their own life. His influence and energy have spanned the globe as he has quietly been teaching many high-level CEOs and Fortune 500 companies, as well as professional athletes. This has led him to be written about in three books, interviewed on nationally syndicated television, and filmed in a documentary. His brain training and coaching techniques are empowerment work that puts you in the driver's seat of your own life!